Cyberdimension Neptunia™: 4 Goddesses Online will simultaneously release on PS4 and Steam

Today, Idea Factory International announced that Cyberdimension Neptunia™: 4 Goddesses Online will simultaneously release on PS4 and Steam later this year. Stock up on your Nepbull, because Vert’s inviting you on a dungeon raid! We’re excited to announce that Cyberdimension Neptunia™: 4 Goddesses Online will simultaneously release on both the PlayStation®4 system and for Steam users […]


Award-winning puzzle game LINELIGHT is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4!

LINELIGHT, an award winning puzzle game created and developed by My Dog Zorro, releases on both Steam and the PlayStation 4 today. Set in a world made entirely of lines, Linelight’s 300 levels and six worlds are woven with Zen-like music, rich gameplay mechanics, and elegant design that distill the puzzle genre down to its very […]


Face the undead with three others friends in Outbreak

Drop Dead Studio’s top-down, online, co-op, survival horror game, Outbreak, is now available on Steam. Inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, the game is a nod to the classic PlayStation 2 titles, and features limited supplies and random enemy and item placement. The game takes place in the Arzt Memorial Hospital, which has been […]


Armello gets new DLC – Seasons Board Skins Pack and Art of Treason

Armello is getting two DLC updates tomorrow. The first of the two is free and brings with it multiple new changes to the game. Art of Treason will add new cards, expand on the existing bounty system , refine the user experience and incorporate additional tweaks to Armello‘s captivating strategy-focused gameplay. The second DLC, Seasons Board Skins, is […]


EVE Online Goes Free To Play

Popular space MMO, EVE Online, goes free to play today in a bold move to draw in new players. Engadget reports the following: This new pricing model is known as Clone States, and is the headline addition to the game’s latest expansion, EVE Online: Ascension. New players will automatically start off as “Alpha Clones,” with […]


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (PC)

Editor’s Note: Timothy Biggar, which some of you may know as an ex-G3AR writer, got his hands on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI recently. And seeing as he’s such a huge fan of the series, I decided to let him review this title. So check it out folks. We’ve got a full fledged review from a Civilization […]