OFFICE FREAKOUT redefines the meaning of “hostile takeover”

Hollow Robot’s OFFICE FREAKOUT, a novel anger management simulator, is now available on Steam for only $9.59 (~R130). Play as Philbert – a disgruntled office worker unfairly fired after decades of faithful service – and unleash a tornado of destruction on cubicles, office equipment, tacky mugs, and much more in this fun take on office […]


PewDiePie and Outerminds announce new YouTuber simulator coming to mobile 29th September

Now that all the hype around Pokémon GO has died down. it’s time to give up all your free time to another mobile game – PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. Loosely based around popular PC game YouTuber’s Life, the game will see you creating and customizing a YouTuber to become the greatest internet sensation the world has ever […]