Maguss: The mobile AR game where you cast spells and hunt monsters

The world was taken by Pokemon Go in a way that no other game has really impacted us. Granted, it wasn’t all in a good way, with there being many cases of driving accidents, trespassing, controversy and unhappy fans, but the game certainly had a bearing on the lives of many. Almost every person knew […]


#DataMustFall sees Afrihost selling 250MB bundles at R1

Afrihost sent out an email today informing its subscribers that the company will be selling a data package for just R1.00. The package includes 250MB of mobile data every month until January next year. Following the rise in popularity of the investigation into high data costs in South Africa, many ISPs and mobile providers have announced […]


PewDiePie and Outerminds announce new YouTuber simulator coming to mobile 29th September

Now that all the hype around Pokémon GO has died down. it’s time to give up all your free time to another mobile game – PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. Loosely based around popular PC game YouTuber’s Life, the game will see you creating and customizing a YouTuber to become the greatest internet sensation the world has ever […]