frosty fest

Frosty Fest has arrived for Rocket League

Psyonix is one of those amazing companies that always seems to just keep giving. Every festive season we get new cosmetics, more battle-cars and a whole bunch of updates. This festive season there are a whole bunch of new jolly items to get everyone into the holiday spirit! For Halloween, they put together a whole […]


Corsair HS50 (Tech)

Corsair’s HS50 is an intriguing little device. Fitting in at the “budget” end of the spectrum, the HS50 delivers an adequate performance while doing not much else to set itself apart from the competition. What then make this headset worth considering ? Let’s get into it shall we! First up, the tech specs: HEADPHONE Warranty […]


Top 10 puzzle games of all time

With Black Friday here and Christmas fast approaching, you are probably being swamped by a huge array of potential games at ridiculously low prices. You may be looking to escape all of these family gatherings, hole up in your room and just spent a few hours engrossed in a few great games, whatever your fancy. […]


Innerspace Confirmed for Release on Nintendo Switch

Polyknight Games’ Innerspace has been confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch. Innerspace is set in a universe of inverted physics. Players will step into the role of “the cartographer”, the game’s protagonist who is tasked with uncovering the hidden secrets ancient deities left behind. Players will discover paths to uncharted worlds where gravity will pull […]


Inflatable T-Rexs and Yetis join the madness in Steep Winterfest DLC

After thousands of years of civilization and advancements in medicine, science, technology and art the human race is at the pinnacle of our history. And how do we choose to celebrate this? By dressing up in dinosaur costumes and doing anything from mountain climbing, BMXing or just messing with alligators, all in the name of […]


Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy release date announced

Telltale games has become the leading name in narrative story point and click adventures. While most companies have moved on to open worlds, impressive graphics or big explosions, Telltale has instead aimed to perfect the art of the narrative, giving well known stories an interactive adventure that is open to amateur gamers and pros alike. […]


ANOXEMIA launches today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

ANOXEMIA, an underwater exploration puzzle platformer launches today on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Players will take on the role of Dr Bailey, a scientist tasked with collecting samples from dangerous underwater regions. As if that’s not risky enough, things take a turn for the worse when Dr Bailey’s submarine crashes against the ocean floor […]


It’s no joke, April’s Games With Gold is fantastic

After three months of excellent Games With Gold offerings, Microsoft once again stepped it up a notch with April’s Games With Gold. Nudging their way into your games library are two Xbox One, and two Xbox 360 games that can be also be played through Backward Compatibility. Lead your troops to victory and exact your revenge […]