Death Stranding

Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding make use of the Decima Engine

In an interview at PSX16 regarding Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated, Death Stranding, PlayStation 4 chief architect Mike Cerny revealed that “Unfortunately, Kojima-san had to leave his technology with his former employer,”. The “technology” he referred to is the Fox Engine which Kojima worked for years on at Konami and used for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom […]

Battlefield™ 1_20161022225339

South Africa will get Battlefield 1 Servers

According to a Battlefield 1 forum post by Alexander “Striterax” Hassoon (Live Producer), South Africa will be getting Battlefield 1 servers. Check it out: Striterax Hi All, I am very happy to announce that we will be deploying official DICE online game servers for the following regions in early 2017: South Africa Middle East Hong Kong […]


Final Fantasy XV is out today! Here’s the Launch Trailer

After a 10 year long wait, Final Fantasy XV is finally out today! Check out the launch trailer below: With action heavy combat, innovative gameplay, and immersive graphics that push the limits of modern hardware, FINAL FANTASY XV is an awe-inspiring tale that transports audiences into its vivid imagining of a fantasy world based in […]


Sony’s Final Fantasy XV Walkman Looks Great

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV launches tomorrow, worldwide. Recently we saw Audi collaborate with Square Enix with their collectors edition R8. Sony have joined the party and teamed up with Square Enix to create an exclusive Final Fantasy XV themed Walkman. As an avid Final Fantasy fan, I need it in my life. Sony have […]


Armello gets new DLC – Seasons Board Skins Pack and Art of Treason

Armello is getting two DLC updates tomorrow. The first of the two is free and brings with it multiple new changes to the game. Art of Treason will add new cards, expand on the existing bounty system , refine the user experience and incorporate additional tweaks to Armello‘s captivating strategy-focused gameplay. The second DLC, Seasons Board Skins, is […]


EVE Online Goes Free To Play

Popular space MMO, EVE Online, goes free to play today in a bold move to draw in new players. Engadget reports the following: This new pricing model is known as Clone States, and is the headline addition to the game’s latest expansion, EVE Online: Ascension. New players will automatically start off as “Alpha Clones,” with […]


WWE 2K17 (PS4)

Editor’s Note: Lyle Arends, ex-G3AR reviewer and massive wrestling fan, played WWE 2k17 recently and wrote out a superb review. Check it out folks! Another year. Another WWE video game. But, as evident from recent years, it’s difficult to predict where the latest entry will end up. Either the game will bring enough new innovations […]


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (PC)

Editor’s Note: Timothy Biggar, which some of you may know as an ex-G3AR writer, got his hands on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI recently. And seeing as he’s such a huge fan of the series, I decided to let him review this title. So check it out folks. We’ve got a full fledged review from a Civilization […]


Review: Battlefield 1 (PS4)

Battlefield 1 enjoyed a rather successful beta a couple of weeks ago which I played for multiple hours on end. Did the full game deliver the same level of enjoyment and more? You can bet your authentic World War 1 flamethrower it did. So lets get right into what makes Battlefield 1 such a good […]

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 releasing early Q2 2017

CI Games, the development studio behind Lords of the Fallen and the Sniper: Ghost Warrior franchise, has announced a new release date for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. 04/04/2017 is the new release date which has been decided on so that they may further polish and optimize the upcoming game currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and […]