All your winners from The Game Awards 2016

The most prestigious awards show of the year for the gaming industry took place this week, with some of the biggest titles in history competing for top honours. With one of the most prolific years for game releases and sales, this years awards were some of the most hotly contested. It was recently announced that nearly […]


World’s rarest Pokemon card sells for $55 000

So you thought that first edition shiny Charizard you have stashed away was going to fund your retirement? Probably not going to happen. A lot of people over value their old collectible cards, and most of our collections are worth little more than the sentimentality behind them. Some cards though really do have some incredible […]


Golden Joystick Awards complete winners list

The gaming year has a few big days that are pretty huge to every member of the gaming community. For the developers, events like E3, Paris Games Week and Gamescom hold a sacred place, and most of the big announcements centre around these conventions. As a community, we get to see the latest news and […]


Aragami (PC)

Stealth games are different for every person, and each stealth game has its own little quirks and playstyles. In some games like Splinter Cell I always tried to plan out my routes, use my gadgets and scouting to make sure I knew where every enemy was and when the perfect time to strike had arrived. […]


PlayStation announces November PS Plus games lineup

The end of the month. Paychecks, bills, rent… Most importantly though, it means a new batch of games for the holders of a PlayStation Plus account. Here are your free games for November. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, PS4 The Deadly Tower of Monsters, PS4 Dirt 3, PS3 Costume Quest 2, PS3 Letter Quest Remastered, […]