rAge Expo 2016: Day One Highlights

Being at rAge this year has left me with one wish: The ability to create shadow clones. There is so much to see and so much happening simultaneously that it makes seeing everything a daunting task. The air remains thick from the  atmosphere of excitement buzzing around, everywhere one goes. Here are some of the epic […]


Latest Hearthstone Balance Updates – Patch 6.1.3

With the latest balance update notes released by Blizzard, another volley of meta decks is expected to hit the ladder very soon. Here we discuss the pending changes coming to Hearthstone in the following week. As of late, the game has become excessively fast paced and aggressive. Lasting past turn 7 against a Hunter or Warlock deserves salutation. These “aggro” […]


October’s Free Games With Gold

Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t like free stuff? I submit that there is not! Those of you well versed in the ways of Xbox know that Microsoft gives out free games to their Xbox Live Gold members. For those who aren’t, every two weeks a Xbox 360 and One game is made available […]


HoloLens in Focus

Virtual Reality is steadily becoming one of the most talked about subjects in gaming. Numerous upstarts, projects and games are announced for Virtual Reality every week, and this number is on the rise. By now, we all know what VR, or Augmented Reality is. Be it a roller coaster ride through a dank mine shaft, or […]