Monster Hunter: World beta now available for PS+ users

If you are a PS+ user, you can now head over to the PlayStation Store to download the beta for Monster Hinter: World. The beta gives interested players the chance to try the game before its release on 26 January 2018. The beta will be available from Saturday, 9 December at 17:00, and will be removed from the store on Tuesday, 12 December 12th around the same time.

Three thrilling quests will be available, each playable in both single and multiplayer modes, as well as a training area where hunters can try out all 14 weapon types before deciding which one to take on the hunt. Players will be able to choose between 12 pre-set hunter appearances; and those who choose to go on an adventure in single player mode will have 6 palico companions to select from. Each pre-set is just a small preview of the rich hunter and Palico customisation options that will be available in the full game.

Players who participate in the beta will be rewarded with special bonus items that can be transferred over to the full game. Players who complete any of the three quests will receive a special face paint customisation option to apply to their hunter. In addition, each quest offers a different pack of consumable items such as Max Potions, Lifepowder and Shock Traps, which players will receive by completing the quest.


Post Author: Rikus Le Roux

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