Coolet Master Cosmos C700P brings RGB to more than just peripherals

Cooler Master has always been top of the cooling game (kinda makes sense given their name right?) but in recent years they have been really pushing upwards to become a solid contender for other computer components as well. Their MasterCase series has pretty much eclipsed any other brand for customisability and modding, and they have proven this by hosting numerous Case Mod World Series. Now they have added to their range by including a case all about lighting: the Cosmos C700P.


RGB is the latest trend sweeping the gaming community, and why not? With near-infinite colour combinations and the fact that almost every manufacturer has included colours in their high-end designs, why wouldn’t you want to make your setup as good looking as possible with some vibrant colour scheme? While most people settle for just having a flashy keyboard and mouse, Cooler Master wants to keep pushing that limit to include the most important part of your computer: The Tower itself!


In the spirit of their logo, “Make It Yours”, Cooler Master has made the full system modular, meaning you can take it apart and do exactly what you want with the case. If you want to keep it simple they have included dual-curved tempered glass side panels, allowing you full visibility of the art you create inside the case. And trust me, you are going to want to see inside. The Cosmos has embedded top, bottom and from RGB lighting, whose lighting modes you can switch between with a simple button mounted to your case. Or even better, you can sync the lighting to your mother board to keep your whole system in perfect harmony. If you want to get a bit creative, the case deconstructs completely and you can rotate mounts and paint away to your hearts content, allowing you to shape your case to your exact needs. Oh and the sleek aluminium handles mean that you can transport it with ease, which means showing it off at LANs will make you the envy of others.

Gone are the days where your tower was hidden under the desk to hide the old white box. Now, the case can be a point of pride and even a core aspect of your setup.

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