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Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch gets exclusive themed items

2 years after release and Rocket League developer, Psyonix, is still bring out consistent updates and items to make its fans happier. These can be simple quality of life changes such as the new transparent goal posts set to release soon or cool additions like cars, custom goal explosions, holiday themed items and a whole bunch more. Either way, they have their fans in mind and are doing everything to bring them the coolest content. They have partnered with many other games and franchises too to bring you cosmetics from the likes of Portal, Dying Light, Rick and Morty and Warframe to name a few. The coolest thing is how much of this content is free, with only a few exclusive items coming out of crates which require the purchase of a key. With Rocket League being announced on the Nintendo Switch, Psyonix decided that they would love to reward their latest player base with a couple of cool exclusive items.

Nintendo has always been built around a couple of core IPs. Stalwarts like Mario, Metroid, Pokemon and Zelda have had a large part in keeping the company running, so Psyonix has chosen some of the classics to welcome new Switch players. Mario, Luigi and Metroid are all being honoured with their own Battle Cars. Check out the trailer here:

As mentioned in the announcement,

For the curious, team color decides which version of the new Battle-Cars appear on the pitch. Players on the Orange team can use the ‘Mario NSR’ and ‘Samus’ Gunship,’ while Blue team members automatically equip the ‘Luigi NSR’ and a classic Samus color variation of her Varia Suit. Though both vehicles are FREE on Nintendo Switch, players will still need to unlock them in-game by completing certain requirements. More details on those later this year!

Along with the new Battle-Cars, Rocket League on Switch will also have several exclusive customization items. The ‘Mario’ and ‘Luigi’ Toppers (hats) can be used on any non-licensed customizable Battle-Car, while the ‘Super Star’ Rocket Boost can be used with the ‘Mario NSR’ and ‘Luigi NSR’ cars. Likewise, the ‘Wave Beam’ Rocket Boost is exclusive to ‘Samus’ Gunship.’

So far there is no official launch date for Rocket League on the Switch but it set for “Holiday 2017”, so it should be sometime close to the end of the year. Will be cool to have a whole bunch of new people and it should encourage the growth of the game which has just gone from strength to strength.

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