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Cooler Master launches 2 new budget gaming mouse powerhouses

Spend a few hundred Rand on a new rugby jersey or a pair of shoes and nobody bats an eye, but a few hundred on peripherals that you use basically every day and people lose their minds. It’s a standing joke in the world of computers, and it sometimes makes you feel like you have to justify everything you buy for your PC. Sometimes we even have to compromise and get something that maybe isn’t as great just to cut down the cost slightly. Well, now you don’t have to worry about either, as you can get incredible quality with a good price tag too thanks to 2 new mice from Cooler Master.

After looking at previously successful editions of their budget gaming mice, Cooler Master has revamped a few ideas and brought out successors to the popular Spawn and Storm Mizar mice from a few years ago. Each of the two new mice are designed around a specific grip style so you can get the fit that you want with all the features you need.

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The MasterMouse MM520 is built around claw grips, with a rubber side grip and a ring finger rest to make sure you have full contact and control while losing none of the speed you might need in an RTS or MOBA. The MasterMouse 530 is the palm grip version, with a slightly bigger body and ergonomically designed for support and control for your FPS action or RPG adventures. Both mice are designed around your hand, making sure nothing slows you down in the middle of a fight.


Speed is nothing without precision though, both mice boast a Pixart 3360 sensor with up to 12000DPI to make sure every movement is smooth and accurate. Built to last, with reinforced PBT plastic and Omron switches which are graded for up to 20 million clicks you have no worries about your mouse giving up any time soon. Braided cables, gold plated connectors and 2 year warranties also mean that only the best quality comes in each box.


Each comes with software to fine tune your abilities, setting up to 5 profiles with customizable DPI settings of anything from 100 to 12000 DPI which you can cycle through on the fly. Each mouse also has 3 zone illumination which can also be customized, meaning that your mouse will light up more than your enemies do!


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