Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Review – Cutting Edge DPI Control

Are you an MMO Player? Need more macros than your brain can handle? Well then Corsair has made a mouse for you! Introducing Corsair’s latest gaming peripheral in the age of RGB enabled hardware, the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB.


The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse

Weighing in at a hefty 147 grams the Scimitar is one of the largest and heaviest mice I have used in recent times. The mouse construction as well as the 12 side buttons are made from metals, with the top shell and buttons being made from high quality plastics. The Scimitar Pro feels incredibly well put together and should last a good amount of years without any wear and tear thanks to the sturdy build quality.

With the shape and larger footprint of the Scimitar it’s best use scenario is a Palm grip with Medium to Large sized hands. The sides as well as the top right area of the mouse are textured to allow for more precise movement without any slipping. Those with smaller hands, or most comfortable with “Claw” and “Finger” grip may find the Scimitar too large to use in most scenarios. Inside the Scimitar Pro you will find a top of the line Pixart PMW3367 16000 Dpi Optical Sensor. This is based on the 3366 which is seen in the Logitech G502 – making this one of the most accurate mice on the market and perfect for any precision or fast paced gaming sessions. A welcomed but also expected addition to the mouse is the inclusion of a braided cable. Considering it’s 2017 and almost everything with “Gaming” in it’s name includes some sort of RGB, it’s no surprise that the Scimitar Pro RGB has four different lighting zones that can be customized with Corsair’s software.


Buttons, Buttons, Buttons…

If there’s anything that’s definitely not lacking in the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB it’s the amount of buttons available. With 12 buttons located on the side of the mouse the Macro possibilities are endless. Seeing as I’m not much of an MMO player and primarily play Dota 2 which is a MOBA, I set the side buttons to key mappings for my abilities as well as items in the game. As much as I found it easier to just use my keyboard for these tasks I was able to complete and claim victory in a match without the need for using my keyboard once. That’s pretty amazing all things considered.

I could totally see the potential for the additional buttons for a World of Warcraft player, but in practicality I see almost no need for them in MOBA and FPS Games other than ease of use or quick access. What’s great about the placement and positioning of these buttons is that they are located on a movable rail which can be pushed forward or backward up to 8mm to cater to the size and positioning of your hand. This is done by using an included Hex key to loosen the mechanism then move it to your desired positioning and then tighten it back into place.


Customization & RGB

Using Corsair’s downloadable Corsair Utility Engine you can customize the Actions (Macros), Lighting Effects, DPI, Performance Settings as well as set up Surface Calibration. Macros can be assigned to the plethora of available buttons on the mouse. You can either assign an alternative keyboard event to a mouse button or record a set of actions and events, with delays between, where necessary. Lighting effects can be added to one of the four lighting zones, being the Front Zone located under the Left and Right Click buttons at the front, The Scroll Zone, The Size Zone which is the 12 Side Buttons, and finally the Logo Zone where the Corsair Logo is displayed. Each zone can be individually lit with Rainbow effects, Color Shifting, Color Pulsing and Static Colors. Each of these effects can be customized further using the “Advanced” slider at the top of the application. Pressing the DPI Toggle below the scroll wheel allows for changing of the 3 profiles of the mouse which each having their own lighting characteristics and dpi level. What’s quite astonishing is that Corsair allows for 1 DPI increment changes on each profile, with most mice usually having 100 or 250 incremental changes. Using the Performance setting you can change your lift off height (Low, Medium, High) as well as your pointer speed. Finally in Surface Calibration, Corsair allows you to calibrate your mouse to your mousepad for better tracking and a smoother gameplay experience.



The Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse finds itself at the pinnacle of Corsair’s offerings. It’s very well built, features one of the best sensors on the market and has enough buttons on it for any usage whatsoever. It’s perfect for MMO games, and can even be used for MOBA or FPS, although not recommended in such genres. I highly recommend it for someone looking for an MMO mouse or just an incredible premium quality mouse for general use.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Gaming Mouse retails for around ±R1300 in South Africa at various retailers.

Post Author: Byron Trent

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