Energy Esports announces all-female CS:GO team

In the age of growing equality, its always nice to see women being treated more fairly and getting more recognition. Esports is still a little far behind though, with almost zero local female gamers making their mark on pro-gaming as a competitor. Energy Esports, one of South Africa’s biggest brands, has taken up this challenge and is taking steps to do their part in fighting this.

Announced this week, Energy has taken on an all-female crew to represent them in future Counter Strike: Global Offensive competitions. The team has no official name as yet, but they will be captained by Julia ‘eN.Bish’ Robson. The other members to join her are Danielle ‘eN.TrueF!re’ Pienaar, Carmen ‘eN.Cjay’ Mcleod, Jana ‘eN.SaltyMonkey’ du Toit and Christin ‘eN.Christin’ Meistre. As well as taking part in local competitions, the team hopes to compete on an international level and showcase the talent that South African women have to offer.

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Captain Bish was very excited to have this opportunity and very enthusiastic to join Energy:

Our team was formed to showcase the best female gamers in South Africa. We created the team after noticing a lack of professional female players in the local scene. We would like to highlight the talent that South Africa has and in collaboration with Energy eSports, we believe that we can achieve just that.
We are very proud to be in Energy eSports as we believe that they will provide us the platform to show the scene what girls in gaming are all about!

We look forward to seeing how these women perform, and wish them all the best in their future. We will be sure to keep track of their progress as they make a name for themselves.

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