Lego Worlds Launch at Nexus

The Nexus @ AWX hosted the South African Launch event for Lego Worlds on Saturday 11th March 2017 in partnership with Lego South Africa and Ster Kinekor Entertainment. The [intended] main draw for the day was a playable version of the game available for play on multiple PlayStation 4 consoles. First impressions of Lego Worlds had me quite stoked to see that the game was nothing at all similar to Minecraft – The assumption first given on the reveal trailer for the game.

Lego worlds starts off with you as an Astronaut who crashes on a remote pirate inspired world. The player is forced to help local Lego inhabitants with small tasks to receive golden lego blocks to fix their ship and move on to the next world. The game features a voxel Lego type world with lego building puzzles, coop play and various other activities. I’ll probably have a review up on the game at a later stage.


Stealing the show, Lego South Africa stepped in and set up a Lego play pit filled with more Lego than I’ve seen in my entire life. As much as the main idea was to make the event family friendly involving kids and their parents, by the middle of the afternoon I noticed that I was sitting in the pit surrounded by pretty much adults only (lol) playing with Lego and was probably the most fun I’ve had in 20 years!

Just look at the Lego pit below. If that doesn’t scream pure joy, I don’t know what else does.


Lego Worlds released worldwide on 7th March 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. A Nintendo Switch version is planned for later this year which I’m hoping to get my hands on.

Post Author: Byron Trent

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