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Chime Sharp (PS4)

I originally reviewed Chime Sharp on PC last year July for G3AR. It’s musical charm and fantastic yet simple gameplay hooked me. Recently, I got the opportunity to try out the PS4 version of the game and it’s safe to say that the game is just as good on console as it is on PC.


In Chime Sharp, players will load up a level based on a certain musical track and have around 2-5 minutes to create “Quads” with Tetris-like blocks. Creating quads racks up a score multiplier and whenever a wave passes across the board, quads created are removed and musical notes from the song selected are played. The ultimate goal in the game’s standard mode is to cover the entire board with quads and rack up a massive score while listening to cool music playing in the background. This however gets increasingly difficult as time passes since more of the board gets covered by your blocks and eventually the board itself starts to limit where you can place blocks. Additional modes are variations on this theme and add some extra replay value to the game.


Since the game itself was originally a Kickstarter project that made its way to the Xbox Live Arcade and later to the PS3, it’s right at home on the PS4. Returning to its console origin, Chime Sharp on PS4 plays just as well as it does on PC if not better. This of course depends on your preference for a mouse and keyboard or a controller with analog sticks though. Personally, I’m still waiting for a mobile version of this game to appear because it would be perfect for touchscreens in my opinion.


Track selection is still quite limited but there’s more than enough content to satiate any musical game fan. The game features music from multiple well known artists including  Kavinsky, CHVRCHES, Steve Reich, Los, Chipzel, Andy Hung, Message to Bears, Timothy Schmalz, Magic Sword, Shirobon, Noveller, Haiku Salut, Luc Grey, A Mote of Dust, Symbion Project, and most recently Canadian electronic musician CFCF.


All the modes present in the PC version are available on the PS4 version and overall Chime Sharp on PS4 is a solid port of the title. If you have some spare change lying around and you’re into musical puzzle games, Chime Sharp comes highly recommended from me. Just don’t blame me if you get addicted to it!

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