Usain Bolt stars in Japanese Pokemon commercial

Its extremely common to see big name celebrities and sports stars promoting products. For most of the players, the majority of their income actually comes from sponsorship deals. Its not often that sports stars become gaming ambassadors though, normally just promoting energy drinks, sports brands or razor companies. The worlds fastest man has changed that, appearing in 2 Japanese commercials for Pokemon Sun and Moon in celebration of Pokemon’s 21st birthday, which took place on 27 February.

In 2 rather… unique… adverts, the Jamaican Olympic gold medal sprinter joins team Skull and claims to be a top trainer himself, along with his trusty Pikachu (because why would a man with Bolt in his name not have an electric type?). Take a look:

While I am not fluent in Japanese, its pretty clear that they are promoting the sales of the latest games in the Pokemon franchise, which as of the end of January had sold over 14 million units worldwide, 4 million of those in the US alone. The games are regarded by many to be some of the best in the franchise to date, and have certainly earned the accolades that they have enjoyed. The Pokemon company has recently also announced that Pokemon Go has hit 650 million downloads, so all in all a good day for Pokefans.

Post Author: Michael Oerder

Michael Oerder
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