DXRacer Chairs finally launched in South Africa!

After many years of waiting, Saturday 25th February 2017 marked the Official Launch of DX Racer Gaming Chairs in South Africa. The chairs have been brought in by Megarom Interactive (Distributor) and are a timed exclusive purchase with Evetech (Reseller). An official launch event was held at Evetech’s offices in Centurion where media, influencers and a few members of the public were invited to try out the different series of DX Racer chairs, namely the Tank, Iron, King, Racing and Formula.

Myself trying out one of the chairs.
Myself trying out one of the chairs.

Pricing starts at R5 999 on the lowest end Formula Seires which has a weight limit of 100 kg, going up to the Tank which is priced at R10 999 and has a weight limit of 200 kg.
At first the pricing of the chairs may seem absurd, but keep in mind that these are made completely from premium metals and materials and feature a lifetime warranty on the base, meaning that this chair should last way longer than the next few upgrades you make to your PC. This is also a welcomed change over the plethora of Chinese knockoff gaming chairs that have been imported in South Africa with very low quality materials and no warranty. The full range of chairs can be seen below, alternatively you can check out Evetech’s website for yourself at the link here.

DX Racer

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