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Rise & Shine (PC)


Rise lives on Gamearth, the world of the classic videogame characters. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of a war against the invading Space Grunts. The Space Grunts are bald, muscular soldiers with big guns from Nexgen planet. As expected, carnage ensues and our hero Rise has to save the day. With the help of the legendary gun, Shine, Rise is able to stay alive and help save his planet from the invaders.

Rise & Shine takes place over 14 different scenes which take between one to two hours in total to complete. It’s not a long game, nor is the story deep, but it’s an adventure that keeps you captivated from start to finish.

Rise standing in front of a city struck by war


Rise & Shine plays like any old platform shooter whereby the player controls the protagonist, Rise, and his weapon Shine. Rise is able to run and jump to avoid enemy projectiles, as well as hide behind cover when needed. He is controlled with either a Keyboard or an Xbox Controller. What makes Shine different to any other gun is his ability to shoot two different bullets each in three different modes. Oh and maybe the fact that he’s a talking gun, and is the reason Rise is able to respawn!? The first bullet type is physical based which is great when used against organic enemies, where as the second type is energy based and helps take out mechanical enemies. Both bullets types are capable of being fired like a usual gun in a straight path, fired as a grenade, or guided like a homing missile. With the Xbox controller you aim where you would like to fire with the right analog stick and then press your right trigger to fire in that direction. Due to low accuracy with the Xbox controller, and the fact that the enemies and boss battles are incredibly hard to defeat at times leading to many many respawns, I was forced to move from my lounge to my PC to play with my mouse. Using a mouse to guide Shine feels more practical and makes the entire experience a lot less frustrating, quite sad considering this game looks great on my 4K TV.

Shine firing off a grenade

Aesthetics & Music

Utilizing the Unity engine, Rise & Shine is one of the most beautifully crafted 2D platform games I’ve played in quite a while. The game features captivating environments and characters, well animated and drawn then placed in front of parallax scrolling backdrops. The art of the game reminds me of what’s seen in the UbiArt Framework games, such as Rayman and Valiant Hearts. The original soundtrack is well implemented and matches the mood of each scene, ramping up during combat and slowing down when strolling through the levels. No spoken language is heard as the developers chose instead to rather use vibrant comic book panels for dialogue, well suiting the cartoon-like style of the game.

Stunning parallax backdrop
Stunning parallax backdrop

Verdict : A Tribute to the classics

Rise & Shine features numerous easter eggs through out its campaign, paying homage to challenging titles such as Duck Hunt, Space Invaders, Tomb Raider, The Legend of Zelda and even Half-Life: 2. It’s no surprise as the first words spoken by the G-Man are “Rise and shine Mr. Freeman”. It’s small quirks like this that help take Rise & Shine from being a no name indie game, to a memorable [short but sweet] story and great experience well worth its money.

Various easter eggs
Various easter eggs

Rise & Shine was developed by Adult Swim Games. It released for PC and Xbox One on 13th January 2017. A digital download was provided by the publisher and reviewed on a Windows 10 Based Desktop. 

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