The mystery of PS4 exclusive Life of Black Tiger

A couple of weeks ago, 12 January to be exact, a trailer mysteriously surfaced about a brand new PlayStation 4 title called Life of Black Tiger.


The mystery surrounding the trailer not only lies in the timing of the trailer (it coincided with Nintendo’s Switch presentation), but the quality of the game sparked some serious discussion among gamers. To put it lightly, the quality isn’t what you would expect form modern day consoles. To put it less lightly, the game looks terrible. It looks like a sub-par game on the original PlayStation. It looks like a smiling chocolate ice scream emoji. It was actually dubbed “the worst trailer ever to appear on the official PlayStation YouTube channel“. Just look at it:

The scary part? That was actual gameplay from the game. In case you can’t actually watch the video, the game appears to be about a tiger who kills humans and animals. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. It is apparently a port of a mobile game released in 2014 by a Russian game company called 1Games – and a terrible port of a less than stellar game at that. The graphics are terrible, the controls suck, the frame-rate is so low you can almost see the individual frames, and the animations are non-existent. Oh, and not to mention music “stolen” from anime. Even more baffling is Sony pushing this as an “exclusive title”.

Obviously, the trailer didn’t go down so well with everyone. Some commenters have suggested that either Sony is downplaying the launch of the Nintendo Switch, or Sony is trolling us big time. Maybe even both. In fact, it seems like most “reviewers” have opted to go for the trolling route. The game currently carries an 8.0 user rating on Metacritic. Now, I would love to give you a review of the game, but it’s not available on the SA PlayStation Store, and to be frank, I wouldn’t give the game two seconds of my time playing it. In case you have any doubt in the quality of the title, just look at this let’s play from Jim Sterling:

Again, in case you can’t watch videos, Jim hailed the game “the worst game he’s ever played on a console”. The sad part is that this might actually not be Sony trolling us. Last year Solbrain: Knight of Darkness showed up on the PlayStation Store, which had seemingly ripped-off art and music. Then there was Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, a game whose trailer made Life of Black Tiger look like a masterpiece by comparison:

Is this the PlayStation Store going the way of Steam’s Greenlight? Is this the start of an influx of low quality asset flips on the PlayStation? I sincerely hope not.

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