The Master range from Cooler Master: Everything your Computer has dreamed of having

Every gamer is different. Some like consoles, some like PC, some prefer FPS titles and others like a bit more strategy to their games. Whether you use a gamepad, mouse, steering wheel or even VR controller, pretty much anyone can find something in the world of gaming that they can enjoy.

This is one of the beautiful things about gaming. There is no wrong way to do it (except maybe cheating. That’s never OK). So in this world with almost limitless possibilities, you can customize your setup however you like it. For consoles, you can skin controllers, put decals on the console itself or play with a few setup options, but when it comes to PC, the boundaries are blown wide open. The company who does this better than anyone these days has to be Cooler Master. Heck, their motto even is “Make It Yours“. Here are a few examples of their latest tech to take your setup to the next level.

Everyone needs a good keyboard and mouse. Whether you bought your PC straight off the shelf or painstakingly designed and built it from the ground up, your peripherals are always going to be your most personal aspect of your setup. They are what connect you to the games, and become extensions of your very being when you are completely involved in the game. That means they need to be the best they can be. With a huge range of the softer membrane keys, the higher response of the mechanical or their unique hybrid mem-chanical switches, everyone can find a keyboard in their price range that is such to be exactly what they want. Most of the Cooler Master keyboards feature Cherry MX keycaps, meaning that you can customize the look of your keyboard for each individual key. One of their top keyboards is the MasterKeys Pro setup, available in the full size or tenkeyless depending on your preference. The MasterKeys Pro has been redesigned from the PCB up to give the brightest colouring, and the software allows for completely unique customization all the way down to individual key lighting options.

As far as mice go, the MasterMouse Pro isn’t just a tool; it’s your weapon. Fully ambidextrous, everyone can get the most out of their game. Lighting that gives 16.7 million colours and software that allows you to program them to behave exactly as you want, as well as saving multiple profiles to swap between, your mouse will have a look the is entirely your own. The hardware itself is customisable, with interchangeable side panels to give you a custom fit for your play style. The side panels can even be 3D printed at home, meaning that if you want to make further adjustments you can do so to your leisure.

To bring you even closer to the game and to complete your peripheral collection, the MasterPulse Headset is a 7.1 surround sound headset with adjustable bass settings and in-line dedicated sound card. What’s more, the ear cups have RGB colour customization, meaning that you can match it to your setup or mood as you wish. In-line controls mean that you don’t even have to exit your game to change colour schemes or sound settings, switching between profiles on the fly.

For the more tech-savvy, Cooler Master allows for a full range of internal customization when building a PC. With the fully modular range of MasterCase Maker towers, cases have never been so uniquely yours. Every panel can be changed to allow for the exact shape, size and appearance to bring out the most of your system. The patented FreeForm Modular System means changing your setup is just a few clips and slides away from a whole new design. Cooler Master was so confident in their cases that they even hosted the Case Mod World Series last year, where top professions from around the globe pushed the limits of what could be done with a PC. The full gallery of that event can be found on their website, but here is a taste of what can be achieved when there are no limits




Even without massive modding, your setup can be incredible. Aesthetically, a few pieces like the MasterFan Pro can bring RGB lighting to your tower while still providing incredible performance.

If you want something slightly more subtle, or just want to push the performance of your system, the MasterWatt power supply range provides reliable and customisable power all the way up to 1500W and a 94% efficiency. Coupled with the Cooler Master Connect app, you can connect wirelessly to your PC or phone to give real time performance stats of your power supply, meaning you can monitor or change how it performs exactly when you want to.

And of course, Cooler Master is the world leader in cooling technology for a reason. If you prefer the standard air cooling, the MasterAir Maker will cover all your needs and look amazing with customisable lighting options and interchangeable 3D printable faceplates.masterair

Liquid cooling fans also have a range to choose from, with the MasterLiquid Pro range providing compact, secure and efficient cooling for casual users and top overclockers alike.


No matter what you like, no matter how good you are with computers or how passionate you are about building your own, Cooler Master will bring you to the peak of your potential while looking incredible at the same time.

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