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The new year has arrived, and the gaming world is frozen in anticipation from what promises to be an incredible year for the industry. A metric ton of great games lay ahead in 2017 and we cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us. Without any further ado, let us discuss what Xbox gamers can look forward to in January’s Games with Gold. As always, these titles are free for Xbox Gold subscribers, so be sure to download them at your earliest convenience, provided they tickle your fancy. First up:

World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap

Consider a combination of Diablo, Radiant Defence and Gandalf fighting a Balrog, shouting “You shall not pass!” (With gusto). All these ideas, wrapped into one is what World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap is like. An innovative take on a seasoned concept, Deathtrap is a tower defence game with a slight twist. And no, I don’t mean M. Knight Shyamalan features in the game. What makes it different is that your “Builder” is also used in combat. Armed with spells, weapons, skills and mana, you must construct defences and battle hordes of hellspawn before they reach your safe zone. Test your mettle and see if you can hold the terrors of the night at bay.
Deathtrap will be available for download from 1 – 31 January.


Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition

With Championship prize pools reaching up to $30 000, Killer Instinct 2 is gaining wind among gamers. An arcade fighting game with interesting, and somewhat ridiculous combatants. Battling it out against top tier titles, Killer Instinct 2 holds true against games like Injustice and Street Fighter. Whether you want to pound noobs into oblivion or ruin relationships by calling friends “Nancy” during your victory dance, Killer Instinct 2 can appeal to any gamer. Mastering long winded combo’s or mashing buttons until your fingers are raw, fight to heart’s content with this great stress reliever.
Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition will be available for download from 16 January – 15 February.


The Cave

The Cave is a satirical and witty side-scroller puzzle game narrated by a twisted and romantically frustrated cave. You did not misread. A personified cave guides you through a labyrinth of puzzles and past an assortment of creatures to uncover an incident that occurred in the cave, forcing it to close down. It is your job to set right a chain of events using several playable characters. Three characters are chosen from a collection of walking stereotypes, each with their own abilities and unique endings. Use your selection of characters in unison to reach the end of their stories and uncover what they desire most. A very amusing game riddled with wit, entertaining dialog and sometimes challenging puzzles.
The Cave will be available for download from 1 – 15 January.

Rayman: Origins

A game that requires no introduction, Rayman has been a franchise leader in side-scrolling platformers for years. Equally filled with humour, Rayman: Origins is an entertaining and light-hearted game for the casual player. To progress in the story, you must rescue Electoons captured by an old granny who swore vengeance due to the player’s snoring (of all things). As you progress you unlock new abilities required to advance the plot, which ensures captivating and dynamic gameplay throughout the story. Rayman: Origins also features a co-op mode, which is even better when playing with friends. Put up your dukes, float in mid-air with your copter-boy hairstyle and ride mosquitoes for glory. Can you save the Glade from the perils of the old lady?
Rayman: Origins will be available for download from 16 – 31 January.

Xbox is off to a great start to a promising year in gaming. Be sure to grab these highly entertaining titles while you can.

Let us know which games you would like to see on February’s Games with Gold.

From all of us here at Game Arena, we wish every reader a happy and prosperous 2017.

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