Suicide Game scrapped, WB to focus on Batman’s son in next game

There is a lot of animosity between DC fans and Marvel fans. The argument always has its points for both sides about which is better. Personally I just enjoy both *Gasp Horror* Personally, I prefer the Marvel movies, but I have to say as far as gaming goes DC pretty much has a monopoly on the market in my eyes. Sure, games like Deadpool and a few of the old Spiderman games were a lot of fun, but with very little of consequence being released in recent years besides a few Disney Infinity figurines I have to say the Batman franchise is really dominating as far as comic book stories goes. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were brilliant games by most standards, and besides the horrible porting problems that plagued Arkham Knight the game was still excellent for the console versions. With the success of the Suicide Squad movie, a lot of people were hoping that DC would expand their gaming universe with the band of anti-heroes, but alas it seems it’s not to be.

According to Kotaku, their sources inside Warner Brothers Montreal have declared the project officially dead. After 2 years of development behind the scenes, the game failed to get the go ahead from management and the project died in Greenlight stage. The studio has previously released Arkham Origins, so it wouldn’t have been the first time they tackled a DC game, and many consider the ending of Origins to be a teaser of an impending Suicide Squad game. Whether the game just wasn’t up to par or the conflict surrounding the replacement of Studio Head Martin Carrier and Executive Producer Reid Schneider, we don’t know.


Never fear though. You will still have a chance to get more bad-guy bashing fun from Warner Brothers. If Kotaku is to be believed, the studio will instead be focusing its efforts on a new Batman game. The twist is, this one won’t feature Bruce Wayne. Instead of the typical Dark Knight, the game is rumoured to feature Damian Wayne, son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul. There were rumours about the upcoming title near the beginning of this year, but no confirmation has been made about it. The studio may have been waiting on a final word about the Suicide Squad game first, trying to settle down after the reshuffle or just waiting until the perfect time to announce it. Whatever the case, if the game turns out to be a real project we shouldn’t expect it for a while at least. As of yet there has been no official comment from any of the parties, so keep an ear out to see if the sources are to be believed.


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