Gravity Rush The Animation teases us with a trailer

Gravity Rush fans will be glad to know that the gap between the original and sequel is about to get smaller, thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia. Yes, fans of the series will be able to find out just what exactly happened to Kat after the events of the first game through a 15-20 minute anime episode called Overture.

For the lucky people of Japan, Overture will air on TV Tokyo on December 26th. While lowly Westerners will only be receiving it, officially, before Gravity Rush 2 releases. But I bet you 20 bucks that it will appear on YouTube, with subtitles, before then.

As for the game itself, us Westerners are getting it in our grubby hands on/from the 18th of January, on PS4. And unfortunately for us, we won’t be getting a Blu-Ray copy of the anime alongside our games, like the people in Japan. Boo!

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