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Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding make use of the Decima Engine

In an interview at PSX16 regarding Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated, Death Stranding, PlayStation 4 chief architect Mike Cerny revealed that “Unfortunately, Kojima-san had to leave his technology with his former employer,”. The “technology” he referred to is the Fox Engine which Kojima worked for years on at Konami and used for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. This ultimately provided a challenge for Kojima Productions and Sony and this is where Guerilla Games came to the rescue. Polygon reported the following:

Cerny and Kojima visited various Sony first-party studios earlier this year, with two goals, one of which was to find a technical partner. “One [reason for the trip] is technology, tools and services and what kind of technologies we can find,” Kojima explained. “So that was one of the objectives going through all the studios and seeing what kind of stuff they have.”

Earlier rumors pointed to Kojima Productions using a modified version of Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son engine but now we know Kojima settled on another Sony studio’s technology. That decision was made, at least in part, thanks to Guerrilla’s trust in Kojima.

The Dutch developer gave Kojima a box with the engine’s source code at their first meeting, before any contracts were signed. “It gave me a really special feeling,” Kojima said, before adding, “I’m pretty confident that Herman is insane.”

“At Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, we’ll have a small, satellite studio for Kojima Productions,” Hulst said. “I’m pretty excited about it guys.” Hulst explained that the collaboration has gone beyond just code sharing, but also includes extensive meetings, office visits, social connections and, soon, actual colocation between the two development teams.

You can check out the latest Death Stranding trailer below as well as the latest Horizon Zero Dawn trailer too. The Decima Engine is quite simply, awesome!



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