December’s Free Games with Gold

With the festive season around the corner, great gaming deals can be found virtually anywhere. And what better deals are there, than those that provide you with great sources of entertainment at ridiculously low prices? Microsoft is blasting through foundations this month with some great titles up for grabs on Games with Gold, and as always they are absolutely free. Let’s have a look at the Games with Gold titles available for download this December.

Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition 
First off on the list is Sleeping Dogs; Definitive Edition. Originally owned by Activision Blizzard, this game was bought over and released by Square Enix in 2012. Resembling games like True Crime and Grand Theft Auto, Sleeping Dogs is packed full of action and morally flexible gameplay. Playing as an undercover police officer infiltrating a Triad gang in Hong Kong, it is up to you to bring down the evils of the organisation in whatever way you see fit. The definitive edition, released for next-gen consoles, features highly improved gameplay mechanics and more appealing visual stimuli than the original release. Sleeping Dogs will be available for download from 1 – 31 December.


285398-outlast-xbox-one-front-coverNot for the faint of heart, Outlast is a survival horror game made to send chills down your spine. Developed and published by Red Barrel, Outlast is most enjoyed in the dead and dark of night, when even the toughest might feel compelled to leave a lamp on. The story takes place in the most fun and whimsical of fairy-tale environments; a dilapidated mental institute. Furthermore, all the inhabitants wish to tear out your esophagus. Using parkour and advanced survival techniques such as hiding like a little girl, your job is to stay alive and uncover an eerie truth. As is apparent, Outlast is an obvious source of fun for the whole family over the upcoming holidays, so be sure to download it between 16 December & 15 January 2017.



boxartlgOutland is a 2D platformer made by Housemarque and released by Ubisoft. It follows the tale of a man that many can relate to. The protagonist experiences visions and delusion from a life that is not his own. After taking various drugs that fail to quell these episodes, he follows up with the next most logical step. Seeing a shaman. It is there where you find out that you are the incarnate of an ancient warrior who defeated the Sisters of Chaos aeons ago. Follow the path laid out ahead of you to bring balance to the world as evil has sprouted forth, yet again. The game features some combat sequencing and a polarity system, perfect for most modern platformers.
Outland will be available for download from 1 – 15 December.



Burnout Paradise
burnout_paradise_xbox360Considered by many to be the best open world racing game made to date, Burnout Paradise is one of the titles featured in December’s Games with Gold. Made by Criterion Games and released by EA Games in January 2008, this game is still setting some standards in the racing game industry. With the ability to start a race virtually anywhere, this game allows players to play and progress at their own pace. A “Showtime” mode is also available in which the main goal is to cause as much carnage as humanly possible. Burnout Paradise leaves you with a refreshed approach to racing games, even 8 years after its release.
Burnout Paradise will be available for download from 16 – 31 December.

With such an impressive list of games freely available this month, gaming throughout the holiday has become much more appealing. Be sure to grab these titles for yourself as soon as they drop.

Let us know what you think of this month’s games list in the comments below, and have a happy festive season from all of us here at Game Arena.

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