Ditto finally comes to Pokemon Go

Yes, the elusive little blob has finally arrived! After months of conspiracy theories, testing and just plain frustration, we can finally catch Ditto in game.

A few weeks ago, data miners discovered the addition of a new bunch of code in the latest update of Pokemon Go. Included in this code was the attack “Transform”, a move only held by Ditto and Mew. Considering the ever present lack of legendaries to the game, all signs at that stage pointed to Ditto. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, confirmed at the San Diago comic con that Ditto was in the game, we just had to keep looking. He also stated that there were other Easter eggs in the game, and we just had to “keep spinning”. This led to a lot of theories about how he was in an egg or you had to spin the pokeball or Pokemon before you caught it, but all with no success. Now though we have confirmation that Ditto is in the game with no special tricks needed.


Catching a Ditto isn’t all that complicated. The problem is, you won’t know you have caught one until you have. This is because Ditto hides on the map as a normal Pokemon, appearing as a pidgey or rattata or any other wild Pokemon. Only once you have caught it, and just after the XP screen the word “Oh?” will appear and Ditto will reveal itself. Before this point, there is no way to tell if it’s a Ditto or not, so keep throwing those Pokeballs at pretty much anything that appears.

The reason it has taken this long to come out is the issues it gave with coding. Niantic has struggled for months to get the Transform attack to work properly in game, so instead of holding the whole game back for a single Pokemon they decided to hold them back and release it later with much more hype surrounding it. In battle, Ditto does not have its own move set. Instead, it transforms into whatever Pokemon you are facing, with their moves and CP. A low CP Ditto will be weaker than the Pokemon it faces, but a strong Ditto can match its opponent blow for blow.


At this stage there is still no trading or breeding of Pokemon, so the usefulness of a Ditto can be limited, but it’s really nice to see Niantic working to fix the problems. They have also announced a few new updates to the tracking system, which are being tested in the US, Canada and Australia. Hopefully we will see these move our way soon.

Post Author: Michael Oerder

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