November’s Free Games with Gold

Along with an increase in moustache prominence, November is also bringing us 4 new games, absolutely free on Xbox Live. Here we will have brief look at the 4 free titles available for download this month via Games with Gold.

Super Dungeon Bros
Super Dungeon Bros
A cross-play enabled co-op brawler. Four bros descend into the dungeons of Rokheim to loot, slay monsters and strengthen brolationships. The game focuses highly on “bro-op” gameplay and is cross-play compatible between PC and console. Super Dungeon Bros is a lot like Diablo 3, if the only level in Diablo 3 was Whimsyshire. A good time-waster game to keep you amused when staving off boredom.
Super Dungeon Bros will be available for download from 1 – 30 November.


Murdered: Soul Suspect
Here is a game in which one is tasked with solving one’s own murder. Let that sink in for a while… Peculiar as that may sound, Detective Ronan O’Connor (the protagonist), gets brutally murdered by a serial killer at the start of the game. As a lingering spirit, your final task is finding the one responsible.
Murdered: Soul Suspect is an adventure mystery game that has an Alan Wake feel. It will be available for download from 16 November – 15 December.


The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
A point-and-click adventure in which the main objective is to become a successful pirate. The story follows Guybrush Threepwood (His parents hated him) on his journey to achieving just that. As with all point-and-clickers, you will be solving a lot of puzzles to complete this game. Originally released by Lucasfilm Games in 1990, this title was remastered  and released again by LucasArts in 2009 due to popular demand. The Secret of Monkey Island: SE will be available for download from 1 – 15 November.



Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
If you enjoy cheesy action movies, then this satirical retro-themed first person shooter is made for you. Playing as a jacked up cyborg, Sergeant Rex “Power” Colt is tasked with saving the world, the way only pre-millennial action heroes can. A lot of comedy went into the plot of the game and it is a decent shooter altogether. If movies like Team America or McGruber was to your liking, this game will provide you with hours of amusement. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will be available from 16 – 30 November.

For a good chuckle, you can find the trailer to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon below.


Let us know what you think of this month’s Games with Gold.

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  • Bianca

    Guess the comment “nothing is free in this world’ does not apply here….. Murdered : soul suspect seems like something worthy to play. Thank you for updating us on all the free goodies!!!

  • Maldy

    Yeah! I’ll get to play Blood Dragon for free 😀