Orena’s Overwatch Champions Series Season 2



“After a lengthy break, the Orena Overwatch Championship Series is back for Season Two!

Season One saw the rise of a number of South African teams, and players, as the tournament progressed with E.D.E.N not only winning the entire competition but subsequently being picked up by Energy eSports.

During the break, a number of organizations have shown interest in Overwatch. The likes of VnR, Energy, SSG, DC, Ventus and Reversal, have all been preparing themselves for the next Season, and it couldn’t come any sooner.

Monday, September 19th, Cape Town – Orena, in partnership with SteelseriesMegarom and Blizzard Entertainment, will once again bring you Season 2 of the Orena Championship Series with a R10 000 winner takes all prize pool, as well as awesome giveaways for fans and followers.

It’s important to note that Season 2 has two significant changes.

  • Teams will now be able to have up to three international players in their roster who can compete.

  • Teams will now have 24 hours to submit their scores once a ladder match has been complete. If either team fails to submit their score or agree on the score of a match, the admin will investigate and decided the outcome accordingly based on evidence at hand.

  • Teams will now make use of Blizzard’s Competitive mode within the match lobby. This includes the three previously banned maps: Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, and Temple of Anubis. Payload maps will still make use of the Stopwatch mode, meaning that teams will have to beat their opponents times when on Attack.

  • High Bandwidth mode must be enabled for every match.

  • Eight teams will now move on to the playoffs, as opposed to the original four.

The Ladder opens today and will run until the 31st of October where the playoffs will begin. It’s important that teams note that a Ladder promotes teams who play the most, thus regular challenges (and wins) will aid your team in the climb to the top.

Coverage of games will be shoutcast by Kyle “Congo” Wolmarans and Luca “RoBoHoBo” Tucconi, streamed live to Orena Twitch and YouTube.
A huge shout-out must go to SteelSeries, Megarom, and Blizzard for their continued support of the Championship Series and the local Overwatch Community.”

I personally think it’s great what Orena have achieved in the eSports scene in South Africa and I look forward to seeing the results of Season 2.

Post Author: Byron Trent

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